Welcome to the Extraordinary Baby Shoppe

Hi there!  Welcome to The Extraordinary Baby Shoppe, your Canadian source for a wide selection of natural parenting products including cloth diapers, slings, breastfeeding essentials and much, much more since 2002.

If you would like to purchase from us in-person, we have a fabulous storefronts in Ottawa, Ontario.  Our store is staffed by moms who work with their babies -- all of our moms use the products we sell, so you know you're getting expert advice! We can show you how to use a sling properly, we can walk you through our huge assortment of diapers, and we can measure you for your nursing bra, ensuring you purchase something that fits.

We offer a newborn diaper rental that enables to get your baby into cloth diapers for the same price as disposable diapers -- the earlier you start with cloth diapers, the better!  If you're still expecting, or contemplating the switch to cloth diapers, both stores offer monthly diapering workshops on the second Saturday of every month.  Our diaper loan program, the first of its kind (and duplicated worldwide!), enables parents to try a selection of cloth diapers for a period of ten days.  Lastly, when you're done with your diapers, we hold bi-monthly used diaper sales, providing our customers with the chance to turn their used cloth diapers into cash -- we have the best brands, and the best services!